Had to reload Libre. How to I access previous files?

I had to restart my computer and reload Libre. Now I cannot find my previous files. Uncertain if you can login to Libre app…Thanks so much!

Reload after reboot should be no problem, and “recent files” of your Operating system should be intact.
If you re-installed a newer version of LibreOffice on Windows you usually loose the list of recent files. If you remember a name of one of your files you may use the search-capabilities of the OS to find the file. Others may be in the same place.
If you really have never rebooted or saved a File (like users of mobile phones) you may be trouble.
A lot of depend on your (unknown?) OS. So I suggest to use google…

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Thanks a zillion. Somehow I remembered it was a called AW.

Menu selection File - open
On a Mac, select the Documents or iCloud storage location.
On a Windows computer, select Documents or OneDrive.
One of those places should be holding all your documents.