Haettenschweiler font not displayed in RTF header/footer

I have a RTF file using Haettenschweiler;Impact font for it’s header and footer. This displays fine in Micro$oft Word 2010 and OpenOffice Writer 3.2.1.

But in LibreOffice Writer it displays in Times New Roman and doesn’t display the copyright symbols.

Admittedly this combination of document type and font isn’t that common but I now have concerns about just uninstalling OpenOffice and installing LibreOffice.

Any words of wisdom please?

See here: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/core/commit/?id=606dd9f18806ad3f659041e395eed870139699d2

This will be hopefully fixed in 3.5.3. If you need immediate solution, downgrade to 3.4 till 3.5.3 is out.

Wow that was a quick answer. Many thanks.

Per fdo#45394, “Verified in LO 3.5.3 rc2. Closing. Thank you.”