Handling of special characters in SQL

Hi, for a utility program I am writing in Base on Windows, I need to identify the names of all the tables in an odb file. I am using Firebird, and according to their site I can use the SQL query:

select rdb$relation_name
from rdb$relations
where rdb$view_blr is null
and (rdb$system_flag is null or rdb$system_flag = 0);

I tried it in LibreOffice Base, Tools, SQL and effectively it works.
When though I put this same request in the SQL content of a ComboBox, it always returns a Syntax error.
I guess that the problem is the use of $ in the field rdb$relation_name.
Any ideas how to get round this, or any other SQL-based suggestions to simply get the names of all tables?



Use SQL[Native] for Type of list contents or save as Query (turn on Run SQL command directly) and use that. Both work.

Edit 2020-01-06:

Run SQL command directly can be turned on from the toolbar icon:

It is also available for selection from the menu item Edit.

Then for Type of list contents set as Query and List Content select the query name it was saved as.

Selecting “Sql Native” in the combobox solves the problem, thanks!

I would like to understand though what you mean by your other suggestion: “save as query (turn on SQL command directly)”. Can you explain? Thanks again.

thankyou for your help Ratslinger! One final question on this topic: how can I write a Query to do this? Again the SQL gives me a syntax error.

What is shown in the answer is a query using the same syntax in your question. Simply select Create Query in SQL View from main Base screen under Query. Make sure to select Run SQL command directly (it’s a toggle to turn on/off).

thanks Ratslinger, it was this toggle that I was missing!! Thanks again for all your help, I am getting there!