hanging punctuation

I’m working on a script outside of libreoffice to produce a flat LibreOffice text file (.fodt). While working to strip down a clean save (open libreWriter, save the blank screen), I happened on a config setting (punctuation-wrap=true) which didn’t seem to be a truthful statement.

I went the long way round the block and have determined this ONLY applies to asian typography, and it ONLY applies to punctuation that happens to fall at the END of the line, not the start.

What would it take to enhance this setting to do something more like a real hanging-punctuation as defined in CSS? I don’t know even where to look to see if something like this is in the pipeline or has been considered and rejected.

You need to talk to the developers on this, either through bugzilla or by writing to the developers mailing list.

I can’t see a bug report yet.