Has anyone else had problem with libre calc and new windows 10

I allowed windows 10 to update last night. Today when I use libre calc it loads then becomes unresponsive. Have to use task manager to close it. The windows 10 update may not be responsible, just coincidental, I dont know.

(It still works in safe mode)

It is possible that the Windows Update corrupted your LibreOffice user profile; it happened to me last year with 20H2.

You can reset the user profile using the tools in Start menu > LibreOffice (Safe Mode). Archive your user profile when asked then follow step 3 & possibly 4 below.

You can also do it manually.

  1. In File Explorer (Win+E), in the
    View tab, tick the box Hidden

  2. Navigate to
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 right-click and drag the folder
    user to a blank space just below and release, click the context
    Copy here and it will create a copy of the user folder in case
    things go sour. Leave folder open
    for now

  3. Open LO in Safe mode (Start menu > LibreOffice > LibreOffice (safe mode)) and tick the
    box Restore from backup > Restore user configuration to the last known working state and press button
    Apply changes and Restart. If it
    all works the carry on with using LO
    like everybody else.

  4. If not then try the button Reset to factory settings > Reset settings and user interface modifications.
    This should fix most issues. If not the Reset entire user profile
    will reset everything back to
    factory settings.

If you did select the entire user profile option then all your autocorrect and templates will have gone. This is why we saved a copy. A new user folder will be created. Drag these data folders back into the new user folder: Autocorrect, Autotext, backup, template, wordbook.

Hope this helps. Cheers, Al