Has anyone else had problems with the LibreOffice and theWindows 11 upgrade?

After upgrading to Windows 11, the entirety of LibreOffice disappeared from my Program Files folder. And of course there is no more All Programs menu. if it was just moved I can not find it. If that was normal, I think I would have heard about it b now, but I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience, and if so what you learned about it and did about it.

I do not swear I was using the latest version of LibreOffice. Does the Windows 11 installer delete programs that are no longer compatible with windows?

It sounds like a Windows issue. Maybe there was an issue with the Windows user profile and you are logged in under a temporary Windows user profile? If LibreOffice was installed for you only, then other users on Windows, including you as a temporary user, will not see LibreOffice.

Maybe, this question at Microsoft Q&A will help, Redirecting

At first: LibreOffice is “compatible” with Win11. Actually not so much changed from Win10 internally.
Usually you are asked, what you wish to do with your files. The installers can wipe everything, keep your old files or try to keep your old install.
But I remember one case from Win7 to Win10 where only my portable tools “survived” the transition…
If it is only LibreOffice I suggest to download and install again. If you have lost other software with licences you may consider to reverse the install. Otherwise see the transition as opportunity to check wich tools you need and do a clean start.
It is a bit late to recommend backups, as you already installed your Win11.

You previously had Windows 10?
This is practically a re-installation of the operating system. This will remove all programs that do not belong to Windows. But this is not a compatibility problem either. Simply re-install LibreOffice.