Has anyone else observed a change in the frequency of crashes?

I’ve used LibreOffice for many years. On occasion, I’ve seen it crash; but it used to be fairly infrequent. Lately it feels like it’s been happening a lot more. In the last half-year or so, it seems to happen every time I do anything major on LibreOffice. I use Kubuntu 22.10, but my sister who uses Windows observed a similar thing. I’ve also seen it on various different computers, so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue. The crashes usually happen on a particular keystroke (always an innocent one, such as shift+down-arrow) and usually on a file of several pages with interesting things, such as formulae or page breaks, in it.

So two things:

  1. Is there a particular log file that would shed light on why these crashes happen? I checked xsession-errors, but found nothing about it there.
  2. Is it just my imagination, or have others likewise observed a similar pattern? If the latter, might I be able to avoid them by switching to an earlier version, say from a year or two ago?


Can you upload such file here?
The LO (6.1.6) chrashed in my Win10 once or two in a year…
Now (in the first days of January) I upgraded to the LO 6.4.7, and it works stable. (Yes, it is not a typo: I have not upgraded to 7.x.y yet. I trying them in portable versions.)


From my personal experience, file contents “may” have some impact on LO stability. Among the important contenders:

  • use of foreign formats; in first rank DOCX
  • direct formatting instead of styling
  • using drawing shapes (like text boxes) instead of adequate text primitives like tables or frames
  • excessive number of frames, aggravated with wrong choice of properties, notably anchor mode

I also use KDE Plasma (under Fedora 37). I suffer more OS crashes because of the progressive switch to Wayland which is not well supported by my now-obsolete nVidia graphics card. This has nothing to do with LO. I forced Xorg but this does not seem to be sufficient. You are perhaps in the same context. Check if Wayland is installed and in this case the compatibility between Waylind and your graphics card.

The main reason why we (my company and me, pesonally ) NOT upgraded to higher version:


The “moving CF-ed range” feature not work even in the 7.4.4 version.
Then: why would we upgrade?

(The 6.1.6 version contained a bug, what we just noticed: something was wrong around the “_” and “-” characters located in strings when we use the Data Validity and in the Autofilter features. The 6.1.6 can not distingwish between the two characters properly. It is fixed in the 6.4.7 version, therefore we upgraded after a long test of our templates, custom styles, behavior on our LAN, and of the lots of our macros.
I often test with a portable version first, and then I have install onto one PC only permanently, for the tests. Finally it will be installed SAME “new” version on more than 10 PC-s.)

Sorry, but the problem is reported in 5.2; you have just upgraded from 6.1 to 6.4; so what specifically holds you from upgrading to, say, 7.3 (which already had the last micro release), which has many fixes, that are not included into earlier releases (not that exact tdf#133027, but others)? Your reply does not explain anything.

Yes it is true (partially).
The more reason: Our teplates (there are lots of Calc templates, Writer templates and Draw templates related to our Custom Calculation and Document handling macros) contain custom Toolbars with associated icons to the macro routines. These icons NOT appeared in the 6.x.y version after we edited and resaved the templates in the 7.x.y version. It appeared the macro names only, and there is not enough place to display all of them on the custom toolbar (I not tried it with the 7.4.4 yet). Of course the icon set is installed.
The icons are appeared in the 7.x.y version fine (after editing with the 7.x.y, too).
We are using the old fashioned Galaxy Icon set, because our users (and me) hate the new style icons.
The LO 6.x.y versions use the ODF 1.2. extended version. And the LO 7.x.y use the 1.3 version by default. It must test hardly before the upgrade.

Might be worth entering in your question the info from the About LibreOffice window from the Help menu, see This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? - #3 by Hrbrgr

Not for the windows side. 7.3 is quite stable. But with switch from LibreOffice 6 to 7 and Win7 to 10 I had to replace Java/coretto with Adoptium.
The first to try is IMHO to rename the user-profile. If the clean profile helps, check if you need to recover something from the old profile.

I mostly use Calc on a Mac (Monterey 12.6.2) and it has crashed almost daily ever since I first started using it 3 years ago. It hasn’t got better or worse recently. It always recovers the files - I don’t think I’ve ever lost anything. It’s not triggered by anything obvious and often happens in the background - i.e. Calc is open but I’m not using it then when I go back to it it’s crashed and I have to reopen the app and it does the recovery thing. It never triggers the Mac’s crash reporting and there are no Spindumps. I assumed it was an overhead of using free software and I can live with it.