Has, " case when" been changed in latest ver of libre base

Ver 4.4 or latest vers. does not seem to work when the CASE WHEN is nested in a between function

The idea is to open a parameter box asking for two dates, “start” and “end” dates, but should default to previously set start and (end dates ( Current_date)) if nothing is entered.

SqL is;
WHERE “TransDate,D” BETWEEN CASE WHEN :DateFrom = ‘’ THEN ( “default start date” ) ELSE TO_DATE( :DateFrom, ‘MM/DD/YY’ ) END AND CASE WHEN :DateTo = ‘’ THEN CURRENT_DATE ELSE TO_DATE( :DateTo, ‘MM/DD/YY’ ) END

This works fine in Vers and below. But not in latest version. The Parameter Query Box does show up asking for the start (datefrom)and end dates (Dateto) but, You must manually enter the dates in the latest version of base and the default dates do not work.

The default dates , the “case when” part does not work in latest version of Base.

Using W7pro hsqldb 2.3 in server mode( Multi user)

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated