Has LibreOffice some issues with UTF-8 on Linux (Kubuntu 20.10)

Most recent LibreOffice 00 (Build:1)

Kubuntu 20.10

The following problems:

  • Having some text in the editor Kate, copy&paste it to Writer or Calc, UTF-8 symbols are broken, e.g. Germen umlauts (ä, ö, ü)

  • Copy&pasting text from browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Chrome, Brave) → same issue

  • Opening a file with a filename that has UTF-8 symbols fails. The operating system is totally fine with this!

This issue occurs only on Linux, Kubuntu in particular. On Windows, everything is fine.

This sounds like problems from 1990 :frowning:

How to solve that???

Thank you!

best regards,


This doesn’t happen on my KDE based GNU/Linux system (openSUSE Leap 15.2) and using LibreOffice from TDF. Since you seem to use Ubuntu packages, the problem might be with the Ubuntu packages. Checked on Ubuntu 20.10 using LibreOffice (PPA) as well and also no problem.

are you using the same font in kate and LO?

I’ve removed the libreoffice packages from the official Ubuntu repository and installed the packages from “LibreOffice Fresh”. I’ve version now. This issue is still not fixed.

But I’ve to add some information: This bug only appears if you add Text with no format, e.g. copy something from the address bar of your browser or using the plugin “Copy PlainText” for Firefox or, for Calc, click on the text-field on top to paste something without inheriting its format. And do not forget the issue with Kate. It’s still happening!

No, I’m not using the same font and I think I don’t have to as long as both fonts are usual fonts supporting the UTF-8 characters. On windows it works fine using e.g. Notepad and Calc/Write