Has the "Columns" feature been discontinued in v6.0.4.2?

After downloading and installing v6.0.4.2 I cannot find the drop-down Format menu selection for multiple columns. I use that feature a lot to make long documents easier to read. Has it been discontinued, or is it accessed through a different method now?

It’s still there, but hidden. You have to insert a section and set the number of columns there, if you just want part of a page to have multiple columns, or set the number of columns in a page style if you want it for entire pages.

The Format → Columns menu item will be back on 6.1, but as @anon87010807 said its functionality is there, either as section or page style formatting.

Strange that it was taken away in without warning but very happy it is coming back! I too use it a lot and it is very nice the way it automatically created a section when needed.

I was still confused how to add columns. Here’s one way to do it:

  1. Highlight (select) desired text that
    you want to columnize.
  2. Select Format > Sections. The Edit Sections window appears.
  3. Enter a new section name in the text box under “Section.” Any name
    will do, but it must be different than any other section names…

4. Select Options. The Options window appears with the Columns tab selected.
5. Select the desired number of columns under the “Settings” heading.
6. Select OK to close the Options window.
7. Select OK again to close the Edit Sections window