Have "locale settings" per document?


I’m having trouble with the decimal separator in Calc.
I use this as part of a formula in Calc:


Usually it would convert the number to something like +10,000 in an English document.
That’s totally fine and okay. Now to the difficult part:

Sometimes there are users (and documents) that use German instead of English.
In the German language, the , (comma) is the decimal separator, not the . (point).
So when a user switches to German, this suddenly becomes the output: +10000,000

What I would like to have, is either one of these:

  • A way to ask Calc what separator is used (could return “.” or “,”).
  • A way to save the type of separator in the Calc file itself (settings would override user’s locale settings)
  • A way to give a neutral format to the TEXT()-function that won’t change.

Can any of these three be done with the current version of Calc? (Hopefully without scripting)
If not - should I write a feature request for this?

Idea: The first thing might be done like this:
Have the number 10000 be transformed to a string.
Compare that string to +10,000 and +10000,000.
Good idea?


Works. A little tedious, but I made it a variable GS (for “group separator”) and now I write:


Did not solve all my problems but I’m a bit closer to the solution.

FYI: I recently decided to write a C# application to solve all problems.
For quite a long time, I’ve been avoiding to code my own app for this.
But I think what I’m doing with Calc is not what it was intended for.
Basically I’m trying to make an automatic character sheet for a fantasy game.

Best regards,

Just explicitly set the cell’s number format language to English (USA) (not “Default - Whatever”).

I know this feature. Doesn’t work in this scenario.

The number is to be converted into a text, using a format (see my two code blocks).

Before answering, I specifically checked that is works (I use Russian locale with , being decimal separator, like in German locale, so I get the “+10000,000” result by default; using en-US as cell format language does make your formula return “+10,000”). Using here, but explicitly tested that it also works with You might need to recalculate (F9) after changing the cell language.

Ah yes. After “recalculate” it works. Interesting.

Thanks for the help!