Have you thought to integrate an e-mail client into the suite?

Like Outlook in MS Office. Thunderbird is perfect for the purpose. I am using it anyway…

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Before LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice branched off from OpenOffice.org, and even earlier when all that still was StarOffice under the regime of SUN (now a part of Oracle), and even earlier when StarOffice still was a brand of the StarDivision company - there was an integrated email client (great?).
At that time StarOffice still was Windows only (bad), used rightfully the slogan “Do Everything In One Place” (great) and catpured the complete Win desktop (hmmm). In addition it had an MDI (MultiDocument Inteface) presentation (great).
Some of what we had in old times was great. Other things were annoying. I don’t think we will get back the great features. Let’s hope the annoying ones increase slowly in number and relevance.

There are so many pending bugs. Let’s not waste precious developer resources developing just another function which is very well done by another free application. Developing a mail client is not a trivial task. Our computers are now all multi-tasking thanks to modern OS’es. Integration occurs at desktop manager level, e.g. with drag’n’drop. Your mailer is never more than one click away.

Think the other way round: click on T-Bird window (mine is always open) and start a new message with an attached LO file. It’s as simple as this, unless I miss something. And T-Bird has many settings: to:, cc:, ccc: receipt acknowledge, mailing lists, filters, digitally signed mails, … Why duplicate and potentially harm LO with featurism when everything is already implemented in a stable and reliable app?


We, and you, are the LibreOffice users, not the developers.

No, as far as I i know there are no plans to extend the suite with mail, calendar, dtp, cad or web developer tools. There are available os apps. As you say, T-bird is perfect…

Recentyl @erAck (member of the ESC) answered the similar question (“Will there ever be …”) with the single word “No”.