Having problem with Thai Symbol –่ ไม้เอก mai ek

Having problem with Thai Diacritics –่ ไม้เอก mai ek

In some case when I type it then it will change all my words to something like The Arabic alphabet

It is possible that this is a problem with the font you are using. Which platform, LO version, and font are you using? Can you provide an example of some text that shows the problem? I do not have problems getting Thai Character Mai Ek (U+e48) to display here, but am not familiar with combinations.

This is a font issue. As an example, one Thai character sequence you indicate (เลี้) includes:

  • Sara E (U+0E40)
  • Lo Ling (U+0E25)
  • Sara II (U+0E35)
  • Mai Tho (U+0E49)

I have Courier New v2.82 (from the freely available Microsoft TrueType Core fonts) installed here and it does not include any of those characters. In fact this version does include any characters from the Thai/Lao range (U+0E00-0EFF) at all. When I enter your provided text into Writer it indicates Lohit Hindi (I have v2.4.3 installed here) is being used however this font also does not include any of the Thai/Lao range of characters. Even though I can highlight the text and set it to Courier New, what is occurring (out of necessity) is font substitution.

The substituted font being chosen (on my system) is probably the Mono or Typewriter font from the Thai Linux Working Group (TLWG) project. I would recommend perhaps downloading these fonts to see if they assist with better rendering.

The problem found when I use Courier New with some thai words like
เลี้ยว นั้น เที่ยว เดี๋ยว