Having some troubles for saving outline numbering

Hi everyone,

I am currently on LO v. writer. (Ubuntu 12.10)
I am trying to create a new outline numbering to put automatically numbering to my styles.
As I have read somewhere, I used the tool “Outline Numbering” under “Tools>Outline Numbering…” . When my outline is done, I am click on Format and then Save As… I put a name to my outline and push the button OK.
There everything is ok, I can use this outline with my styles. And even if I open a new document I can still use this outline.

But here comes the troubles, when I close the whole program and re-open it. My outline Format has disappeared, and I need to make a new one. This is not really convenient.

Have you any ideas ? Where am I doing it wrong?

Thank you,
Have a nice day,


edit: I would add that I used the docx extension. I changed for odt, everything seems to be OK now…

I would first create a writer template with all the features you need (outline, outline format etc) and save it as a template. This gives you an .ott file. Whenever I need to creaete a document based on this format I would start my document with this template, write what needs to be written and save it first in .odt-format (for safety reason) and then save a .docx version.

Consider if you can use a pdf-format instead of the .docx-format

I’m getting the same behaviour as described in the original post, and I’m working in a template. If I save the outline numbering format as “my_numbering”, it seems that is then available for other documents while I maintain my LibreOffice session. If I close Libre completely, then open a new document, all the options for outline numbering are back to the defaults of Untitled1 thru Untitled9.