Having the 'Styles' Window also open in PDF or Something similiar

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I’m writing a Novel, where every Person has a different Font, because every Person, sounds different - I solved that Problem by creating a bunch of Character Styles and marking the corresponding Part in the Text and applying that Style.

Now the difficult Part, I made a PDF out of that Document and the Styles are displayed fine, but when I gave it to Friends to read, they didn’t always know who is who in the Story, especially if a lot of People were ‘talking’ with Each Other, because somethimes the Font is the only Description for the Talking One’s.

For Me, it was fine during writing, because I always had the Styles Window open and it would show Me who was talking - now I want at best to have something similiar in Pdf…

Does Anyone know how it could be done?

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To the best of my knowledge, this is not possible because PDF is a page display language where every page is “frozen” once it is being set, meaning there won’t be any edit afterwards.

Consequently, I suggest you add a preface where you list all your “Persons” with their typographical attributes for your readers. Call it a dictionary.

You can’t have parts of LibreOffice included in a pdf. The pdf is usually shown by special programs, wich are not related to LibreOffice. So they know nothing of this codes.

An possibility would be to use comments to show the current “speaker”. Comments can be exported and shown in pdf:

If this would be an option for you, this would leave one task to solve: Generating a comment at each appearance of a character-style…