Having trouble printing documents with both landscape and portrait.

When I try to print a word document that has both landscape and portrait pages for example 5 pages of portrait, 5 pages of landscape then 5 pages of portrait. It prints the first 5 fine then it prints the next 5 fine but then it sticks in landscape and prints the last 5 in landscape instead of portrait. It’s like it sticks in landscape. Another example if the document has 1 portrait page, then 1 landscape page then 30 portrait pages it’s going to print 1 portrait and 31 landscapes pages. It does this on 4 different printers, 1 Sharp, 2 HP’s and 1 Kyocera. One is a brand new copier that we just got. Running Windows 10 and LibreOffice version 6.0.6. Thank you in advance for any help with this issue as I really don’t want to give Microsoft any money but we are about to that point. Thanks again.

Take a look here to help understand this issue.

Orientation is an attribute of page styles. Then something must be wrong in your page styles or the transition(s) between them. Please attached the problematic file so that we can have a look at (eventually “lorem ipsum” it if you deem content confidential)