Having trouble with Editing Database

I’m creating a database for a poor school in the Middle East and they use Libre, but if I try to open the document using a different Libre system then it was created on (I.e. I did it on my computer but tried editing on school computer via application version) it won’t let me add or change items in spreadsheet regardless of what I do.

Also, even before that issue, I was trying to create an auto-number field for the ID primary key and it would change from “auto number long integer” to “decimal”. Any reason for this or how to change?

I don’t think I have a clear understanding of what you are trying to do, but I’ll take a guess.

Mixing spreadsheets and Base databases can be limiting.

Also when you changed computers, did you register the database on the new machine? If not, a way to do it is to click on View → Data Sources. Then right click in the new left hand window that appears and choose “Registered Databases”. Click on “New” and choose the appropriate file.

If you are trying to edit the spreadsheet from Base, you’ll run into trouble. If you want to add or edit things in the database, you may want to do it in a Base table. You can copy data out of Base into Calc after you manipulate it.

I’m not sure about the auto numbering problem either. It may relate to the underlying database engine that you are using. I am only able to get auto-incrementing to work with the INTEGER data type when I use the embedded database engine (HSQLDB).

I’m not sure if I answered your questions. But if you could elaborate on what you are trying to do, it would be helpful.