Having trouble with stock chart creation in Calc

I have something I’m trying to do in Calc, plotting two data series, one with High, low, and close and one with just highs and lows in the same general price range. This is using the ‘Stock chart’ chart selection. The goal is to show how they compare by overlapping them.

I have no trouble producing these charts, going into the data range dialogue is easy enough to add another data set, and the resulting chart looks fine. Once chart is constructed, I save it to my hard drive, close Libreoffice and reopen again. On reloading the spreadsheet, the second data set, is either missing from the graph altogether, or is there but has lost all of it’s assigned attributes like color, width, and transparency. It also often trashes the labels and formatting on the x-axis, to where it’s unrecoverable, This is happening both on my older machine running Mint 17.1 and Libreoffice and on my newer machine running Mint 19 and Libreoffice I can’t do anything fancy if I can’t make a stock chart graph and have it be stable. Any suggestions welcome. I don’t know how heavily this capability of Calc is generally used, maybe there’s a bug here…

Obviously the chart was correctly saved with the first data set at some point in time. I wonder what has changed since then or while adding the second data series. For example, did an upgrade of any sort happen (OS or LO) since the original version of the chart was saved?

It turns out there is an open ticket on this, it’s a bug, been there for quite some time.


Sorry, I should have posted this earlier. I guess this thread can be closed, it’s up to the Libreoffice programming team. For the time being, Stock Charts in Calc should be considered somewhat broken.