Header Page Number Formatting


What I want to do is reset the page numbering to 1 and change the header title to the section/chapter title for each section/chapter. In other words, have complete control over the numbering and formatting of the header at any point in the document. The main reason for this is that, if I need to change a part of the document and it inserts or removes a page, the page count will not be altered in other sections. Can this be done, and, also, can this format be adhered to the ToC?

You can do all of that. Provided that the chapter title is the first paragraph of the page and formatted as heading 1, and in Tools - Chapter numbering, Heading 1 is linked to Level 1 in the overview. In the header you can then Insert - Field - More fields... and select whatever you want from Document tab, Chapterin the list. Modify the Heading 1 paragraph style: on the Text flow tab, below Breaks, tick Insert, With page style (no need to change it), Page number and set it to 1.

Now to the table of contents. insert - Table of Contents and index - etc. The Table of Contents, Index or Bibliography dialog window opens. On the Type tab, set everything as you want, these are the basics. The hard work has to be done on the Entries tab. At the top is a box for setting up the structure of the ToC. By default it lists LS - E# - E - T - # - LE. Put the cursor in the box just before #. Click Chapter No. to enter another chapter number field and enter something in the text field in between something to separate it from the page number if you want. Default is a space. OK to finish.

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It all works fine, thanks, except for the header now appearing on the very first page, despite the ‘Same content on first page’ being deselected. Also, is there any way to get the ToC to follow the same rules? There’s not really a problem if not, as I would then have to keep printing out the ToC every time I made a change.

You need a separate page style for that. For instce the style called First page. It automatically switches to the default page style.

Thanks, that worked. Any idea on the ToC? No prob if not.

What is the problem with the Toc now that you have the rest up and running ?

Well the problem was that I couldn’t get the ToC to produce anything but the normal page numbers rather than the chapter and chapter’s page number.

However, you say ‘now that you have the rest up and running’. I seemed to have cocked up somewhere. I can now only get the header on a single page. All the rest are blank! I can’t seem to get the rest to match the one that I’m changing. What the h… have I done, now?

Upload a sample as attachment to your question, not in an Answer.

Not sure how to attach anything other than inserting text. Either way, not sure I can do this due to the sensitive nature of the work. I’ll see if I can explain more. The headers are now all blank and even if I put in a simple header none of the other pages reproduce this - they all remain blank.

Okay, see edited answer. That should fix it.

Thanks so much for your help. With what you’ve put down and a little experimentation by me, I think I’m getting the hang of this. Much appreciated.