Headers and footers in writer

I have a 13 pages document. I need to insert a header on each page and page number.
In insert/header and footer/ a tick mark is next to use header and footer menu, but nothing happens.
I remember my MS word days on how to do it, but…thank you. I’m using LO 7.2

Writer is different to Word, you can access the header area once it is switched on by clicking in it. It might be easier to see if you:

  • Click View > Formatting marks to show the blue pilcrow ¶
  • Make sure View > Text Boundaries is turned on.

You can click in the header above the page area and type your text directly, insert image for a logo or anything else you want.

Click in the footer so the cursor is there and then click Insert > Page Number. If you want the page number centered just press tab once then add page number.

There is a useful reference manual, The Writer Guide, downloadable from English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides
Cheers, Al

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