Headers don't show on p 2 of each chapter

I am formatting a novel. Headers have p # author on the left page, and title p # on the right page, no header showing on the first page of each chapter. FIRST PAGE is the style being used for first page.

The rest of the pages of each chapter are DEFAULT PAGE. The headers do not appear on the 2nd page of each chapter (first default page). I have found I can insert them manually–however, whatever I put in a page 2 of chapter header appears on every page 2 of each chapter. This is a problem since some page 2’s need author and some need title.

I know I can solve this by editing the chapter heading style so that every chapter appears on the right hand page, so that doing the header on p 2 of a chapter will then always be correct. This will change the page count, however. I’ll do it if that’s the only answer, but would like to know

  1. why is this likely happening,

  2. how can I fix it?

Thank you.

I understand through your description that chapters start on next available page, be it a right or left page.

Usually, a new chapter starts on a right page which is compatible with a 3-page styles formatting:

  • First Page for the first page, commonly without header, linked to Left Page,
  • Left Page for the left page, linked to Right Page,
  • Right Page for the right page, linked to Left Page.

A new chapter is forced with a manual break to First Page page style (preferentially through an ad-hoc paragraph style).

However this schema is defeated if the chapter can start on a left page because the style after First Page must be selected depending on page parity and the Next Style attribute is fixed (not computed).

This can be handled with the “poor man’s method” based on a single page style. Default style is used for both left and right pages. In Header tab, uncheck Same content left/right. Writer will then select the correct variant depending on current page parity.

Note: you can also merge “First Page” into Default Style if you uncheck Same content on first page.

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Hi, thank you for your help. I do have ‘same content left/right’ unchecked already, which is allowing for the separate author/title headings.

I’m not clear why a default page would not show its header.

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