How to duplicate custom page styles

I need to create several page styles per chapter of a book which has over twenty chapters. There are only slight (but necessary) variations between the styles.

EDIT: The variations are that the right/odd page needs to show the chapter title which changes per chapter. Some of the front matter suppresses pagination and some front matter pagination will vary in style from the chapters. There are pages dividing sections which will not use headers, and the first page of each chapter does not use a header.

How can I create a batch of custom page styles (for example, Ch 1 First, Ch 1 Odd, Ch 1 Even, Section 1) and then copy/duplicate them for subsequent chapters so I only have to edit slightly instead of creating each from scratch?

Thank you.


  • F11 stylist - upper right corner
  • Load Styles
  • From File


  • Styles menu
  • Load Styles
  • From File


Avoid identical style names.

Considering that there is presently no way to make page styles inherit from a common ancestor, think over your “slight variations”. Having too many different page styles is frequently a sign of bad book preparation.

The main reason to have different page styles is to allow to have different headers/footers. Usually what is written in the header as a chapter title is the only variation.

This can elegantly be resolved with a single page style and field insertion(s) to retrieve more global data like book title, author or chapter heading.

From your additional information, you need a set of page styles for your chapters (the same set: first, left, right for all the chapters) plus a few others for the front matter.

The chapter set is a recurrent question on this site. There are two methods.

##The poor man’s surrogate

This is the simplest one but does not offer full flexibility. It covers however most of the needs. I assume that your chapters will use Default Style.

  • Go to the Header tab
  • Enable the header by checking Header on
  • Uncheck both Same content left/right and Same content first page

If needed, do the same for the footer.

You now have three contextual page styles with name Default Style: one for the first page, one for left and one for right. The headers are independent from each other.

##The full control method

I shall use First Page, Left page and Right Page. Enable the headers where appropriate (usually, there is no header on First Page).

In the Organizer tab, set the Next style drop-down menu as follows (note that this can be done only after your eventual custom styles have been recorded with OK; here built-in styles already exist):

  • Left Page in First Page
  • Right Page in Left Page
  • Left Page in Right Page

To guarantee proper operation, in Page tab, set Page layout (in Layout Settings section) to Only right for First Page and Right Page and to Only left for Left Page.

If chapters are allowed to start on any page (odd or even), this will not work properly. See my answer here on how to cope with this relaxed requirement.

##Header information

Click in the header of the page where you want the chapter title. Insert>Field>More Fields, Document tab. Select Type Chapter, Format Chapter name (or Chapter number and name). Leave Level to 1 unless you’d like to show sub-chapter.

With fields, header content is not constant but dynamic: the field is replaced by the value of the selected variable. Thus the same page style can be used for several chapters.

This relies on usage of paragraph style Heading 1 for chapter title.

You can also insert other information, like page number in the header through other fields.

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“…you need a set of page styles for your chapters (the same set: first, left, right for all the chapters) plus a few others for the front matter.”

Thanks, that’s actually exactly what I have set up. I just had hoped there was a way to copy that set of three styles per chapter over again to make up the total of sets I needed rather than create each one from scratch since there are some custom margins as well. Sounds like there’s no copy option–thanks though.

As I pointed out, you should be able to use the same set for all your chapters instead of a set per chapter. Having different margins for different chapters is not aesthetically appealing.

A missing feature with page style is inheritance (Linked wtih in paragraph styles). I made an enhancement request for that and now I wait patiently until developers address the question. Unfortunately it looks like there’s a conflict with the ODF standard (missing feature).

This inheritance would allow to have a common ancestor with margins set and children inheriting the margins. Changing the margins in the ancestor would propagate to the children without the need to individually update the styles.

This would be great except when I unchecked the two abovementioned boxes under the header section, the headers are still not separated and I am still having to end up creating a new page style anyway just to get a new header. I created an account to make this post in hopes the developers will see it and fix the bug.

I am using Version 64bit on Windows 10.
Environmenet: CPU Threads 12, OS Windows 10 Build 19045

@bluestreak711 Please elaborate a bit more about “the headers are still not separated”. What did you do? What did you expect? What did you get?