headers in a chapter book

Thank you in advance for the help. I am SO confused regarding headers in a multi-chapter book.

I have read Custom headers for different chapters and am able to get this far.

But how do I get the header to be different for the NEXT chapter?
When I do this, my headings all look like chapter one for the entire book. even when all my chapter titles have the correct “Heading 1” style.

My end goal is to have all my thirty-some chapters have the book title in the left-page header, and the chapter title of that chapter in the right-page header. How do I do that?

This is my last step before I am ready to publish, so I would be extremely grateful for any help.

I would settle for any solution at this point, including a solution where I have to modify each page independently. these headers are killing me.

You probably have the same page style for all your chapters. A page style can have only a single content for its header or footer.

Consequently, il you enter manually the title of the chapters, all pages will bear the same content in the header, meaning all chapters share the same title.

To circumvent this, the header must contain dynamic elements called fields. The field will be replaced by its current value when the page is formatted.

As explained in the aforementioned answer, one of the Insert>Field>More Fields categories is Document. In this tab, you find the document properties, amongst which the chapter machinery. Select Type Chapter and Format Chapter name (or another one fitting your need). The field will be replaced by the designated heading as known at top of page for a header or at bottom of page for a footer.

This works provided Writer can discriminate a heading from other text. For that, your headings must be styled Heading n.

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