Heading appears with EACH subsequent animation i.e. bullet text points

LibreOffice 4.4 Impress Presentation - heading and bullet text points are animated. Heading should appear and then remain on screen as each subsequent bullet point appears. BUT the heading “flashes” on the screen as each bullet point appears on screen. Have tried copying/pasting heading from a slide in which this does not occur. Have tried presentation on desktop, laptop and projection using HDMI connection. Same problem with each system. Have tried nuking all the animations on the slide and starting from scratch; heading still “flashing” on screen as each point comes up. Have tried changing the animations, changing the start from “with” to “after” or “on click”. Still flashing.

Please help the helper to help you and provide information!


File format of your presentation?

Which setting for customized animation?

Can you upload a 2- 3 slide presentation?

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