Heading numbering 1 1.1 etc etc

I am trying to get the following Heading numbering:

for Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3

Heading 1
Heading 1.1
Heading 1.1.1

automatically applied.
I’ve tried the following , F11 for styles & formatting. Selecting each Heading, and selecting modify for each.
Under “modify” I selected , “Outline & Numbering”, then “Numbering X” , where X represents the heading number style. I then select “edit style” and the outline I want, then “apply” and “apply”
But Heading 2 appears as Heading 2 under Heading 1, instead of Heading 1.1. Same applies to Heading 3 & 4.

Can anybody help ?

image description
image description

Writer have a dedicate tool for chapter numbering. You’ll find it on Tools → Chapter numbering (outline numbering on old versions)

image description

For each outline level you need to choose the correct heading style, the numbering and how many sublevels are displayed. Writer will do everything else by itself.

Under Position tab you can set the numbering alignment.

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Got it, thanks

I have another question about this. I dont know how to make the first heading with style like I, II, III. but for the next level i want to include that first heading with differenst style, like

Heading I
1.1 Sub Heading I

//please notice the italic font, that is come from the same level
any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

Not sure I understand the problem, but notice that on the same dialogue you can set a character style to be applied to the numbering. The limitation of course is that that character style will apply to the whole numbering + the text you set on “before” and “after”.

I tried this solution. The menu has changed, and the “show sublevels” is greyed out.
Any chance of updating this to the current version?