Heading Page Break

Hi, I have both headings 1 and 2 set up to insert a page break before each one, so each heading 1 will appear at the top of a new page, and each heading 2 will also appear at the top of a new page - which is basically how I want it. If there is no normal text directly under heading 1 the very first heading 2 (which then should be directly under heading 1) is required to be on the same page as the heading 1. The only way I have found to achieve basically what I want is not to have a page break before heading 2 and put one in manually. This seems clumsy. However, I can’t seem to find a way to automatically do this. Is there a way?


Basically no because Keep with next paragraph is overridden by a page break. I have a semi manual workaround provided your Heading 2 are not numbered automatically by Tools>Chapter Numbering? Is it your case?

No, my headings are not numbered.

If your heading are not numbered, you can create a dedicated Heading 2-like paragraph style to use after a Heading 1.

I assume you have modified built-in Heading 1 and Heading 2 to add the page break in the Text Flow tab and therefore are already familiar with styles. I also assume that the side style pane is visible (F11).

Create a new style called Heading 2 after H1 inheriting from Heading 2 so that any change made in Heading 2 are also forwarded to this new style. As such, you’ll only need to care for Heading 2 when tuning your document formatting.

  • in the style side pane, right-click on Heading 2 and New
  • in Organizer, give it the suggested name
  • in Text Flow, remove the page break
  • IMPORTANT: in Outline & Numbering, attach Outline level to Level 2 (this is the way to inform the TOC engine this paragraph is part of the outline)

When you have a level-2 heading immediately after a level-1 Heading 1, style this heading as Heading 2 after H1 instead of simply Heading 2.

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This is close enough. Thanks ajlittoz.

If I need a new section inserted straight after the heading 1, then I’ll just have to reset the appropriate heading styles to the two adjacent heading 2s. Definitely more simple than adding page breaks to almost every one. Thanks.