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Previous version of Writer allowed opening of Manage Styles, R click a heading > modify.

I can’t find a similar function. I can select a style, but it immediately applies. I want to modify it, then apply throughout the document.

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The feature is still there. Perhaps you didn’t right-click in the Navigator list (style side pane) but in the drop-down style menu in the top toolbar.
The Navigator is activated through Styles>Manage Styles or F11 (except under MacOS). Before version 7.x, the command was in menu Format>Manage Styles.

Before the Sidebar I think I recall a floating dialogue for Styles but that would be some years ago now.

Click Styles > Manage Styles or press F11, the Sidebar should open, click on the Styles icon in the Sidebar. In the Styles pane, find the style you want to modify, right-click it and select Modify from the context menu. A new dialogue will open, make all the changes that you want and OK. All the paragraphs of that style will change to reflect the modifications except directly modified paragraphs, e.g. those with manually changed font, colour, or characteristics such as Bold.

To apply a style from the Sidebar just double-click it and the style will apply to your selection or the paragraph in which your cursor is inserted. Cheers, Al

I’ve been into Manage Styles as you show above, but it only has my paragraph style showing in the list. There are no headings. The headings were defined in a sub-7.x template.

When I R-click > Modify the Style, I only get the option of paragraph styles.

At the bottom of the list you have a drop-down menu. It may show Applied Styles which restricts the list to the styles effectively used in the document. The full list is displayed wiht All Styles or Hierarchical (I prefer the latter because it also shows the inheritance relationship between styles).


Thanks, that fixed. Don’t know how I missed that; I’m a duffer, it’s official !!

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