Headings Style Font not Updated after changing Font in Default Style

LO and LO Portable 3.6.5. and likely everything in between; on Windows 7

When I update the Default Style Font using F11 Styles and Formatting, the Font for Headings does not change (and subsequent H1-10). It does change Caption, Indexes, Table of Contents and Text body (these items, including headings, are all under default style in hierarchial view). They are also all Linked To the Default Style.

Under Tools, Options, LO Writer, Basic Fonts, I can change (Default, List, Caption, Index) items as they are synchronized, but the Headings Font does not change.

Is this unusual behaviour? Or is this an expected behaviour being that we want to keep Headings Style separated from the rest of the body font.

If it is unusual behaviour, what would I adjust to have Headings truly linked to the Default Style?

Unfortunately there does not appear to be any user-discernible logic to the hierarchical relationships between styles and how they are updated. The logic is apparently hard-coded, such that, given Default Style[1] is the 1st tier style, only select 2nd tier styles (e.g., Footnote, Header, Quotations, Table Contents, Text Body, but not Caption, Heading, or Index) will be automatically updated. If a 2nd tier style with (default) children styles is updated (e.g., Text Body) then it appears that all children styles (3rd tier) are likewise updated, whereas if the 2nd tier style is not updated, then no children styles are updated. It is possible the updating varies according to attribute, but for font, this seems to be the case and it has been this way since at least v3.5.

[1] I wish we could go back to just Default (rather than Default Style) as it was in v3.5. It is self-evident that this definition is a style. The name does not need to reflect the fact. Grrr. Commits 783d13a9276931e274a90b9b53de2c92dc8c055e and 2e4f4171d6a29858108922619d680606b633d8f2 in late 2012 are the culprits that made this change.

Thanks @oweng.