Help files for Version 6 and multiple versions installed?

I just installed version and have 2 questions:

I thought that it would install in parallel with version 5.4 but version 5.4 is no longer installed. Is there a way to have both installed?

I would like access to help files. However, there don’t appear to be help files for version 6.

What can I do?

Thank you.

Which operating system? On Linux, I’ve had multiple versions of LO installed - however, only the current version was installed in the usual place. The other versions were obtained from archive and installed in other directories.

Should have noted that it is Windows 10.

V6.0.0.2(RC) as any RC is no longer a Dev version. Dev versions are installed separately in parallel by default, Release Candidates and released versions are installed to the default path if not special measures are taken.

Concerning parallel installations see this wiki page.

In any case you need to install the offline help for the used UI language(s) in addition.

You are on Windows? Any installation of Libreoffice has an executable soffice.exe then in a specific folder which should be named program. In the same folder as program there should also be a folder help. There you can have one tree of subfolders and files per Language/Country. In my case e.g. those are de, en-GB, and en-US. LibO will use the one matching the current setting for its UI-language if present. It will shift to th online help system if it misses the matching folder.

The msi installer for a help package will place the tree into the path associated with the version installed in the standard way, not as a parallel version. How you can extract the tree to an explicitly given location in the file system, I described for the PortableApps versions here. It also applies to any parallel version. Just replace 32-bit help msi by the 64-bit version if applicable. Bit-width must match, I think.

Do not delete the files basically contained in the help folder. They are needed for online help.

Thanks for the information. Previously, both versions were installed and I had not realized that this is no longer possible when it becomes an RC.

To be clear, is there a way to integrate the “offline help” (I don’t like the name since it is misleading) with version 6?

Call it “locally installed help” then, and hope other people will understand you. You needn’t to be offline, of course, to use that kind of help, but it also works if you are offline. From that the name.

See amendment to my answer above.

Thank you so much for the information. Here are a few more questions.

Your directions say that the versions must match. I have assumed that there are no Help files for LO6. Are there? If so, how can I get them? Or are they coming soon?

If there are no Help files for LO6, are you saying the LO5 Help files will work for LO6?

Or is this the easiest (or only) way to have both LO6 and Help files installed: install LO5 (with Help files) as
the main installation and LO6 as a parallel installation?

In the Programs folder, there is a folder called “Libreoffice” (with no number). It is about 500MB, same as LO 6. What is this folder?

On another note, the way the Help files are labeled bothers me because I used LibreOffice for months before finding out that the offline Help is different from the online Help. The name prevents users like me from understanding that.

Hopefully you are smart enough to understand that most likely nobody actually understands that. It’s just a “pity of the ages”.
Concerning your unique folder I can only guess that there once was done an install using the option to choose the destination differently from the default. I tended to do it that way in old times, but I surrendered to standards meanwhile.

Thank you. Not sure what your first two sentences mean.

I see “LibreOfficeDev” with the publisher listed as “tinderbox” in “uninstall or change a program.” I had installed LO6 over the summer but hadn’t seen it there recently. Now that it is showing up again (in addition to the latest LO 6), I will delete it. But do you know why “tinderbox” is the publisher?

Also, did you see my earlier questions?

Thanks again