Help install LibreOffice on Linux

Please, How do I install LibreOffice on Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64-bit version 3.6.7? I tried the LibreOffice site, and it seemed to download, but it wouldn’t “extract.” I found instructions on the internet saying I must remove the old LibreOffice, so I stumbled around, found the “terminal” and typed what they said, and it looks like part of it was removed. I am NOT a coder, and am lost without a Windows machine during the pandemic, please help me download this so I can continue to look for work. Thank you!
OK, to post my question, I needed to create an account, and now it wants “Tags” but I don’t understand the keywords it wants. It doesn’t like “LibreOffice Linux Mint install extract remove download” and it’s asking for me to include “common writer calc impress base draw math meta” I don’t understand these terms and when I type them in, it wants further, more advanced terms. Where can I go for help to use open source word document without being a computer programmer?

You better asked a LinuxMint forum.

There are different ways to “update” LibreOffice (PPA; download). Ask in a dedicated LinuxMint forum for step by step advice. (Sorry, if this comment seems too harsh to you.)

If you want to use Linux (or any other operating system), you have to RTFM a lot. And only if you don’t find answers in the documentation, ask good questions.