Help! -LibreOffice Impress- Any slide master settings changes affects settings on *ALL* other slide masters!

As the title states, I’m experiencing a confounding issue in an impress document (converted from PDF → PPTX → ODF) of over 200 pages. I need to change the orientation of about 15~20 slides from portrait to landscape, and created a new master page to handle this.

There are currently 2 Slide Masters in existence for the slideshow:

  • BLANK (JS A4, Portrait, Blank BG)
  • Alizarin (JS A4, Portrait, Standard Alizarin template settings)

Blank is used for all the original 200-some slides and the Alizarin master is to be used for the landscape oriented slides. The problem, however, is that any change made to either of the slide masters seems to directly affect the OTHER slide master as well.

For example, if I change the Alizarin master from Portrait to Landscape, the BLANK master immediately changes to landscape as well (and vice-versa). This is truly frustrating because I have to wait one to two minutes for all 200 pages to update each time I attempt to make a change to the slide master, and it then affects the other.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide the file in question as it contains proprietary (paid) information which we sell as a product to our users. I need to create the slideshow as a training material for a class I will be giving in the second week of April.

Is there anything that I can do to fix this issue?

There’s no way to define different slide dimensions for different slides/slide masters. All will have the same width, height and orientation throughout the presentation, since presentations are expected to be viewed on a single presenting surface.

I see… That makes things a little complicated.

Thank you for the information. Is there no other way around this?

I suppose that if you need differently-sized pages, your data isn’t a presentation, but better fits to a (text) document - so I’d suggest to try using Writer.