Help pack does not install properly

I installed the program, then the help pack, but when I try to use offline help it opens the browser with this path in the url bar:

I don’t see why it is going to the browser when it appears to be (imperfectly) aimed at my disk, but I end up with neither online nor offline help. I really want the latter.


Offline Help also open in the web browser. That’s why “file:///C:…”

Do you see something in the browser?

No, it is a blank page. Considering the “url” starts file:/// I don’t see how it could be anything else. And there is no “also” about it, since help does not open anywhere else.

“also” the online Help open in the web browser.


It happen only in Calc? And from the Start Center? How long do you installed LO 6.4?

Oops. I forget to check the script blocker. My bad! Having allowed scripts. I have help, though I haven’t yet confirmed that it will be available offline. (And I think I see now what you meant by “also”–in addition to online help, not in addition to some other window. I was still thinking in terms of older versions. Sorry for misunderstanding.)


Confirm if it is available offline, and—if yes, go to “Add Answer”, and post it. And don’t forget to mark the circle to the left of the answer.

I evidently don’t have enough points to accept my own answer officially, but I stand by it.

Filed tdf#133928 for missing noscript fallback to suggest enabling JavaScript.

The installation is fine. It’s the expectation that caused trouble. Older versions of this and a lot of other apps provided offline help in a separate window within the program. If that is what you’re looking for, having your browser open may throw you off balance, but that is how Libre Office offline help works now. It uses scripts. If you have a script blocker, you need to make sure you are allowing them. Then you should see everything you need.