Help pack install problems

I have the latest version of LO. I’ve downloaded and installed the Help pack (English US) several times, and the installer says it’s installed, but when I try to open it from within LO I get a message that Help is not installed on my computer. I am new to LO and often work in areas without internet. Any tips for getting Help to work offline?

Which latest version do you have? Number please. Because there are two latest versions available: 6.0.x (“still”) and 6.1.x (“fresh”), both getting updates.

And please provide the exact message text (it is selectable in the message box).

Sorry for not including this info. I have LO 6.0.6 and Help pack 6.1.3. Running Windows 10 on a 64-bit Surface Pro.

Well, that took about 15 seconds and worked perfectly–once I had the right version. Thank you, Mike, and apologies for wasting your time with a rookie mistake. Looking forward to using LO!

When you install help pack, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Install help pack for the same version that your LibreOffice has (so installing help pack 6.1.3 won’t work for LO 6.0.6).
  2. Install help pack for the same platform your LO has (i.e., if you have 64-bit LO, you need 64-bit help pack).
  3. Install help pack for the same language your UI has (so if your UI is en-GB, no use to install help en-US pack).