Help plot data over time

Hi This is my first post on this forum. [wave]

I have had a good google, but my problem involves many questions and cant find answers to any of them. Likely because i am a Libre calc n00b and probably using incorrect terminology. Also I don’t understand many related answers well enough to move forward. I have pasted my version details at the end of this post.

I was going to add my file, but can’t seem to find a way to attach?

Anyway it simple so i will copy paste some raw data below.
Log Interval = 1 seconds

The above data is a very small sample. Ultimately I will be accumulating days worth probably at 60-600 second intervals.

The log interval can be changed. So I want to make this a variable in my graph. it will always be counted in seconds. ie 1, 10, 60, 300, 600 etc etc

What I want to do is make a graph from data logger data. I can copy paste data from the logger as required (Logger has limited memory so i can’t log the length I want to, So need a more powerful program, which is why I am here).

I have figured out how to separate the data into columns.

Now I think I need to make a row with time intervals, dependent on the number in the time intervals cell? So I can use for the x axis on my line graph.

Also wondering if I should change the rows of data into columns? I already tried this in google sheets, but it ran out of columns fast… Example data log - Google Tabellen

Ideally I’d like to copy paste more data in later and have my graph grow to fit it. But for now I will be happy to just get to the point the google sheet is at.

I got sort of close, but got stuck with the time intervals, so just put 1 in a cell and dragged it out to get started. Need to change this later so I can add time intervals.

I also got stuck making my time row the x axis… Read about making it an x-y scatter chart, but that didn’t help much either. Because I don’t understand the options well I think.

Build ID: 1:5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial10
CPU Threads: 12; OS Version: Linux 4.15; UI Render: default;
Locale: en-US (en_AU.UTF-8); Calc: group

The xydata is your answer. Put your time/date in one column and format the time/date with something like “YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss”. The next column is the datum(a?) for that time/date.

Making the chart is simple:

  1. select the data
  2. open up the charting routine
  3. select XY (Scatter)
  4. finish

You’ll probably want to format the graph a little better … check out the options

I’m using c++ in my datalogger. I create two columns with the date/time, one using ctime() and the other using “raw” time because sometimes the ascii is just too convoluted

Further to the solution by @OldSurferDude, it is important that your Date/Time information be in the first column. (I hope your data logger provides it that way.) And while building the chart, be sure to check the box for First Column as Label. This will ensure that your Date/Time data is the x-axis of your chart. This also solves the problem of unequal plot or logging intervals. What you have is often referred to as “time series data”, a common situation in engineering and science, and x-y Scatter charts are ideal for presenting this data. Good Luck.