Help! Read the Details Below Please =)

I’m using LibreOffice for the first time and I find it creative. But could I ask can Microsoft Office applications like MS Word , MS Powerpoint and MS Excel open a file created with LibreOffice? I would be happy if it can =)

  1. version, language, and component (Writer, Draw, etc.) of LibreOffice

    Libre Office Version: 5.0 (Latest as of 13/12/15)

    Libre Office Language: English

    Libre Office Component: All

  2. version and language of operating system

    Version of Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language

Language of Operating System: English

Recent versions of MS Office can open the Open Document Format files created by LibreOffice (certainly Writer & Excel, which I use, no personal experience using Powerpoint). Most documents should open without a problem but some formatting may not work as intended (and the other way around, LibreOffice can open MS Office douments, not all formatting may appear as intended, not sure if macros will work at all). You can save LibreOffice documents in MS Office (and other) formats if you need to share with others; one HINT, do your work and editing in LibreOffice and only save a final copy in MS Office Format (saving a LibreOffice formatted original for future editing).