Help recovering lost data


A couple of days ago my hdd decided to stop working. Nothing important was lost but 1 document decided to not work. So when i downloaded LibreOffice again, it somehow showed that it recovered the document (or so i thought). I clicked the document and it shows me this:

,SONYLAPTOP/Owner,SonyLaptop,15.01.2015 18:11,file:///C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Roaming/LibreOffice/4;

Is there any way I can recover this document? Any help would be appreciated.

Your situation appears very unclear to me.

Was your lost document stored on the HDD, which decided to not work?

Was your LibO installed on the same HDD?

Why did you download LibO again? Did you re-install LibO again? On which HDD did you re-install LibO again?

Which OS are you using?

My HDD got fried
the lost document was saved on the HDD.
It was an old laptop so I decided to just get a new one instead(i know i could’ve just replaced the HDD but I was tired of dealing with all the other issues that the other laptop had as well)
I installed LibO on the new laptop but it showed me a document that was on the other computer
They both have Windows 8.
I’d be happy to answer any other questions

Hi bfontal,

I’m not a data recovery expert. But since your post mentions /AppData/Roaming/LibreOffice/4… there should be the folder user/backup. Depending on what is set in Tools > Options > Load/save > General … Always create a backup, there may be a change that you find something there.

@bfontal Do you mind reporting on your (hopefully!) success and the way you accomplished it?

I’m sorry for the long awaited update but I was unsuccessful with the recovery. It was a mild inconvenience and I hoped someone would help me (in fact i didn’t think i would get a response). It’s worked for other documents that I’ve forgotten about but unfortunately not everything can be saved. I’m not real active in the community but I do appreciate all the help I received (other than the spam of course). Anyways, you guys are the greatest!!! Thank you ! :smiley:

This thread is becoming a honeypot for spam re: data-recovery products.

Addressing the OP bfontal:

The info that you posted is the contents of the lockfile placed in the same directory as the file that you were editing at the time that (presumably) your HDD went awol. There is also a 2nd lockfile within the Profile directory. As another answerer posted, those contents point to the location of your backup. However, the fact that you did not get your original file recovered means that the backup wasn’t where the lockfile suggested that it should be.


Is anyone going to remove the spam?

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(I surely don’t want to post spam - and I actually used Recuva successfully years ago.)

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