HELP says gradient at under Format/Area. NOPE

Want to apply transparent gradient to a circle object, to emphasize the line. HELP pages says apply a transparent gradient from Format-Area. In Impress (latest from openSuse) there is no “Area” under Format when the circle is selected.
Format Style has a Transparency tab, but it applies to every object in the document–NOT wanted!
What am I missing?

There is Area under Format, just not at the top level: Format|Object and Shape|Area.

And the help tells exactly that:

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Thank you for pointing to the location I want. I’ll look into making a contribution to the HELP document to clarify.

There are two three options.

  1. the context menu (right-click on the circle) and select the Area.

  2. in the sidebar ( Ctrl+F5 ) at Properties and there select Area and Transparency.

  3. Look at the comment of @mikekaganski

Thanks to H also.