Help "SearchListBox" and "NewRecord" Button in same Form?

Help with dropdown boxes in LO Base forms

I was able to setup a Form for selecting and displaying records. But, in the real database, while trying to follow users requirements, I am unable to implement on that Form several BUTTONS like

  • NEW record,
  • DELETE record,
  • LAUNCH WRITER from inside the Form

Is it possible ? maybe not whithout macros.

So I have second Form, as a turnarround, just for deleting and creating records !

My simple exemple :

LAUNCH WRITER is not clear. Do you mean a specific document or just a new document or something else?

Just for convenience, open WRITER from inside the Form, for text writing/editing before sending to a malinglist by Email.

Ciao, you have to set Properties parameters like:

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The way you have designed your Form prevents adding or deleting records even if you put the Navigation bar on the SubForm. This is due to the forms being linked on Id.

I have created a form FormNew which allows all these functions. It contains only MainForm with a navigation bar. When the Form is opened it will display all the records in the Table with the navigation bar to move between records. You can add or delete a record. If you add a record then click on Save Record in the Navigation bar after entering the data. The Id field is locked as it should not be modified as it is an Auto Value field. You can select a record using the List Box. This runs a Macro to Filter the records on the List Box selection.

Not sure what you mean by launch Writer. From a Button on the Form you can use the Action Property of the Button selecting Open document/web page and setting URL to the document by using the select icon to the right. This will allow you to select a document from a directory.

The modified database is here.