Help! Unknown formatting is occurring in Libre Writer!

I was just minding my own business and I might have hit a stray key and then the text is all in gold font and underlined. I am not sure how to return to normal text mode. Why are there two cursors?

Has the askLibreoffice forum changed recently? It seems quite a bit different from what I remember. It was actually tricky logging in here. When I used the log-in portal it kept asking me to change my password etc. but it had no links to the actual forum? Neither do my old emails from the forum?

Turn off Track Changes. Click Edit > Track Changes > Record, Ctrl+Shift+C, to toggle.

You will need to click Edit > Track Changes > Accept all to remove the colour.

See Help on Track Changes

You might want to read about the migration from AskBot site linked from FAQ . Cheers, Al

Thank you so much!

I was worried that there was something very weird going on. I am writing a document under a time limit and I was concerned that this formatting issue might not be easily solved. No idea what these track changes are all about. Recently I have made these stray key hits and all of a sudden there was this gold text that I did not know how to get rid of it. I thought it might be the highlight color, but then changing that did not solve the problem. Perhaps as an update to LibreOffice they could show all text formatting on the text format bar (? or whatever it is called) so at least then you could have a button that you could try to turn off unwanted formatting. I had no idea that there were track changes; I don’t even know what track changes are. Without this forum I would have been stuck.

It would be very helpful if LibreOffice had an overall return to default keypad option. There was no obvious way that LibreOffice would allow me to undo the track changes. When I pushed edit undo this did not reverse the track change. With a complex program such as LibreOffice there are probably other ways that a user might be able to irreversibly change an unknown setting by mistake.

Thank you!

The default shortcut key for toggling Track Changes is Shift + Ctrl + C which could easily be inadvertently invoked when trying to copy (Ctrl + C) You can customise keyboard shortcuts (and a lot of other stuff) via Tools | Customise

Help for Track Changes