Help with Base rounding decimals

In my table I have the column format set as currency with three decimal places. I enter the value 2.239 and when I enter the record it changes the value to 2.000. Does anyone know of what is causing this to occur? Thanks


Unfortunately your question is missing information. Please take a moment to review the following.

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You didn’t include your OS, specific LO version, what database you are using (Base is not a database). Additionally where are you entering this information - table view, form control (type?) etc.

Please try to see your question as someone not there with you.

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Another note. If this is the same Base file as the previous question, then your table definition is incorrect.

In table tblService the Cost field is defined as a Numeric field with a length of 100 and no decimal places.

Thanks. Once I changed it from Numeric to Float I was able to retain the decimal values.