Help with Cascading Listboxes in TableControl

LO Win 10 Hsql2.51


Am in search of an example of a couple of macros to make the Region List box dependent upon the selection of the Country List box without the use of a filter table. I once had a sample, but seem to have lost it. The macro of the first list box simply updated the source of the second.
However the sample was done with the list boxes on a main form.

My situation is as follows

Here is an image of the main form which has a subordinated mainformContacts containing a location table control.

The location table contains the foreign keys of both country and region tables.

In the ERD the region table contains the foreign key of the country table which are linked by the common cid field.
So updating the region based on selected country works fine in the reference table section

image description

I know how to cascade multiple list boxes with a filter table, but have no recollection of how to do it with a macro in my specific form hierarchy.

Any thoughts, pointers much appreciated



Multiple examples in this post → How to use user selected value from combobox1 in combobox2 ‘SELECT’ statement.

@Ratslinger, thanks for that