Help with linking table of contents chapters to corresponding page

Hi I have a 100 page document which others use. A suggestion was given to link the Table of Contents chapters to their corresponding pages. I made a feeble attempt but have never used a feature like this and don’t know how. Is this a feature of Bookmarks? I am writing and saving in .odt format, but publishing in PDF using Libre.
Apologies, but I came from Word 2002 and so far Libre is great! I’ve been using v.6.3.

If you have used Styles in your document, then creating a Table of Contents can be as easy as clicking in the document where you want the ToC, then clicking Insert > Table of Contents and Index > Table of Contents, Index, or Bibliography, and clicking OK.

You might like to read the relevant pages in the relevant Writer Guide on Documentation page

Hi Thank you. I have not used Styles nor am I familiar with it. I do presently have a ToC which I struggle with all the time with page number alignment and every other kind of alignment that’s possible. I presume I’d need to chuck my ToC and start over. I’ll review the Documention page, thanks! Don

Have you used the built-in Headings? Or did you just use a bigger font size or bold? If you used the built-in Heading styles then the Table of Contents should be as simple as described above.

And the “standard” TOC created from the Heading n styled paragraph provides hyperlinks to the headings.

To be clear, I have an existing ToC, 2 pages. Any hope of modifying that to connect topics directly to the corresponding pages? I will look for the Heading n styled paragraph, so far don’t see it. Looks like I would need to re-create a ToC under Insert tab.

To everyone, Thank you much, will try to do this. Thanks very much, will all this info I should be able to do it the right way as soon as I get a day to work with it! Question, I purposely did not select the newest version (using 6.3) of Libre last year, am wondering if I should upgrade? I usually avoid beta versions but now there are several above this one.

Haven’t you created this ToC manually?

You should start from scratch and use the built-in feature, that is using the Heading x paragraph styles. See: How do I insert a table of contents into my document?. There are other sections in this FAQ if you need to customize the ToC.

In the menu Tools > Chapter Numbering, you’ll find all you want to configure the numbering if you need one.

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Yes, I created ToC manually, and will re-create it, good suggestions and I will follow all the suggestions. Thanks Much