Help with pivot table "refresh" please

LibreOffice Calc Version:

If I add data to empty rows in the pivot table’s source field, then right click the pivot table and select “Refresh”, the pivot table does NOT refresh.

In order to refresh the pivot table, I have to right click, select “Edit Layout” to launch the Pivot Table Layout window, then select “OK”.

How can I get the “Refresh” option to actually refresh? Or is Refresh only for changes in existing data, and not for adding data to empty cells that are already in the pivot table’s source field of cells?

Your Operating System? LibO 5.0.6 is rather old now. It was a very fresh version (see the 0 in the second position) and may have been buggy with this respect. Try V 5.4.6.

Windows 7. I’ll give 5.4.6 a try, thanks.