help with remove the grey vertical bars

I used F8 to remove the grey vertical bars, then I find out this action only hides them. How can I find them and remove them from my document? Will these spaces disrupt my kindle book? thank you

I find this
"Remember that non-breaking spaces are not ordinary spaces; their width is not changed by justification. Grey shading is a way to warn you about it. You must replace them by ordinary space if this nit the intended end-result or, as suggested, paste special as text (without styling).

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( Jan 30 '17 )"


Ctrl+F8 in my version.

as illustrated in the comment, is: “hideous tangle of spaghetti” and should be rewritten in bulk

Oh, would you please be so kind to point to the specific comment proving your “citation”? The only place there mentioning “spaghetti” is from someone who has never looked into the code themselves. Also, do you have an idea what “should be rewritten in bulk” might ever mean for a complex layout code with tons of legacy (not meaning technical debt, but lots of code necessary to handle millions of corner cases actually appeared over the years of trying to be compatible and all)? Do you offer funding for such an endeavor?

but now developers prefer to play with the interface

And you surely can prove this? I personally try to avoid UI as much as possible. Possibly you imagine that if you disallow a volunteer who likes to play with UI to do that, you have more man-power in other areas, instead of losing the volunteer?

none of this makes any sense nor is is helpful with the issue.

Copy one of these non-breaking spaces, open the Find and Replace dialog (Ctrl+H), paste it in the Find: field, type a normal space in the Replace: field, click Replace All, and Close.

Tested with LibreOffice (x64); OS: Windows 10.0.

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