Help with slide-show on dual screen with impress

I have to give a presentation very soon. For this I will use Libre Office Impress on a Dell Vostro 1510 with Fedora 16, which connects to a large screen through some routing device (catching sound, video and switching all on / off).

I made a trial today and what I get is a dual-screen set-up, rather than having the large screen cloning the existing LCD view. What I get is the following:

In the above screen-shot, the left half of the image corresponds to the laptop’s LCD view and the right half to the large (public) screen.

However, I need the detailed view on my LCD and the full-screen view on the large screen. How can I swap the views? How are the two views named and can I switch them on / off?

Where did you get that template? Or did you create it?

Are you referring to the background? If so texture and font from internet.

Oh, alright. Thanks

I love this! I have just come from powerpoint after a long time away from OOO/LO, and pp does not show me this dual thing with the next slide or timing or notes or if powerpoint does, I do not know how to get it to do so and it should do it by default because this is so cool!

There’s a button to the right of the timer that says “exchange”. Simply click that button and it will swap the presentation display and presenter’s display.

There does not seem to be such a button visible on the screen-shot here above. Could you be more explicit or provide a screen-shot?

Actually I could not find the thing you described.

I found the solution in Slide Show > Slide Show Settings …
Under the “Multiple Displays” section, I could select which display to show the presentation onto.

Maybe this extension can help, with more control on the presentation: