Helplines not displaying in Calc (Ver. 24.2)

Helplines are not displaying in Calc even when the option is toggled on in View. In the older version of Calc there was a dotted line that would show where I was moving columns to when changing their width and also where I was moving cells to. This new version just shows a pointer and envelope icon. It’s very frustrating. Is there a setting somewhere to toggle Helplines on other than the setting in View?

Thank you!

Confirmed on, Windows 11 that the menu item Helplines while moving doesn’t seem to do anything any more. However, you can have Column/Row Highlighting now.
[Edit] The menu item Helplines while moving is for shapes and images, not cells. still shows the lines Helplines.

You could report a bug, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki