hey. why do i see pdf in opposite direction ?

i’m trying to open a pdf file.
every ok, except that i see the text in wrong direction
how can i change direction left->right / right->left ?
thanks in advanced

What are you using to open the PDF file?
I am guessing its not LibeOffice.

you’re guess is wrong

How was the PDF created with what Language settings? What Language are you using in your PDF file and what version of LibreOffice and operating system are you using?

I wonder if you need to enable the appropriate language support. For example TOOLS > OPTIONS > LANGUAGE SETTINGS. You may need to select, depending on language, ASIAN and COMPLEX TEXT LAYOUT (CTL) and then from the extended Menu, the appropriate settings to enable the correct text direction… Peter

isn’t it something that the app should recognize itself ?
any way all other programs that i used showed it correctly