Hi, Ask Site users! Moderation has been enabled, so your answers and comments will not show up immediately. Thanks!

I don’t think moderation is the best idea. You see yesterday I have posted the question and I could see there were 3 answers, but I couldn’t see them, because they were not moderated yet. So I need to wait for another day to see the answers…

Is moderation really needed? You need to ask the following question:

  1. Are there vast majority of posts not suited (like spam, inappropriate offensive language etc)? If yes, then moderation is needed.
  2. Are there vast majority of posts OK and only few of them brake the rule? If yes, then don’t moderate, allow all of the posts to be immediately visible and moderators delete the inappropriate posts when they read them.

I think the answer in this case is 2.

Case 1 is in most of the political, social etc forums where many rude, racist, inappropriate question/answers appears.
Case 2 is in most of the computer forums including this one.

Can you please write what is the real reason behind moderation?

Before moderation was put in place there was a huge amount of spam incoming. The front page was full of spam (links to sites for downloading TV shows etc). That was the reason for it.

@Froz, As mentioned above, the IT team is [working on upgrading the Askbot software(http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Ask-site-Canning-our-SPAM-problem-tc4033357.html#a4033583) and will implement more targeted spam controls when the upgrade is complete.