Hi everyone, i hope someone help me to integrate LibreOffice Online with my web site

  1. The first things, i want to confirm about LibreOffice Online’s workflow in mind is true. I understood to integrate it with my application i need done 2 things:

I have done 2 things

I tried to connect between WOPI Host and WOPI client but it not work.
i hope someone help me can help me done it, please contact me via my email(nguyenminhcuong2412@gmail.com) thank very much.

  1. I tried hard to understand clearly the source code in link(GitHub - LibreOffice/core: Read-only LibreOffice core repo - no pull request (use gerrit instead https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/) - don't download zip, use https://dev-www.libreoffice.org/bundles/ instead) but it so big and i honestly I don’t understand. I họpe someone can help me workflow of it

Whatever you are talking about - it doesn’t really look like a LibreOffice usage question. You may want to reach out to Professional Services.

Oh really! So can you help me resolved problem. How can i integrate LibreOffice Online with my web site. Please help me.