Hi, I have tried to download the program numerous times

I made a donation. It says if it doesn’t start to click on the link but it never starts. Thanks

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Which version did you try to download?

For which operating system did you try to download?

Did you click the Info link taking you to a webpage, where you could select a (different) download mirror (may be the mirror automatically selected for your location has an outage)?

PS: Donating or not doesn't affect mirror availability or other occurrences of technical problems, hence it is not a required information to solve 'em.


  • Make sure you download from a page within www.libreoffice.org url
  • Check your downloads folder for a Windows installer package file, name starting with LibreOffice_...
  • Using Windows 10S?

    You are not permitted to install any software in the S version unless you find it in the Microsoft Store, so either …
  • Look for LibreOffice in the store

    … or …
  • Convert to Windows 10 home/pro


Find LibreOffice in your package manager. Don’t download installer file unless you know that you need to, and how to run a manual install (procedure varies a little between linux distros).